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Mindfulness Meditation with the Berwick Meditation Group

What is it?

Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention to our ‘moment by moment experience’ in a way that is non-judgemental and accepting. In mindfulness meditation we focus on the breath and sensory awareness of the body to keep our attention in the present moment.

When we find we are distracted, we observe what is going on in the mind without engaging with it, bringing our attention back once again to the breath. In this way we learn to rest in the present moment and get used to disengaging from our habits of compulsive thinking and doing.

Group Meditation

Meditating with others is a great support for the practice. These are some suggested guidelines for group meditation:

Qualities we are aiming for

(Kabat-Zinn: Full Catastrophe Living 1990)

Practical matters

Discussion and confidentiality

It can be helpful to talk about what you have experienced in meditation. In the spirit of mindfulness, the advice is to share only your experience of the practice – i.e. ‘present moment’ experience, what’s happening for you now?

Please remember

This information sheet has been produced by The Berwick Meditation Group